Burglar-proof windows - your security at your fingertips

Burglar-proof windows - your security at your fingertips

Burglar-proof windows - your security at your fingertips

Burglar-proof windows - your security at your fingertips

Burglar-proof windows - your security at your fingertips

The safety and security of our home are aspects that we should always take very seriously. Windows are some of the key points through which potential burglars may try to gain access to our home. This is why burglar-proof windows are becoming increasingly popular. In this article, you will find out why it is worth investing in this type of window and what features make them stand out.

Why choose burglar-proof windows?

  1. Enhanced security: Burglar-proof windows are designed to increase protection against break-ins. They are reinforced and more difficult to break into than standard windows.
  2. Peace of mind: By choosing burglar-proof windows, you can sleep more soundly knowing that your windows are solidly protected against attempted break-ins.
  3. Reduced risk of burglary: Potential burglars often avoid burglar-proof windows because of the additional difficulties they present.

Main features of security windows:

  1. Reinforced window profile: Burglar-proof windows are characterised by a reinforced profile that makes attempts to balance the frame more difficult.
  2. Special fittings: Burglar-proof hardware is another feature that significantly affects security. It is worth paying attention to the type of locks and bolts.
  3. Appropriate glazing: Often burglar-proof windows are fitted with special glazing that is more difficult to break.
  4. Seals and additional security features: These windows often have additional seals to prevent noise and cold intrusion. They can also be integrated with alarm systems.

Certifications and quality standards:

When choosing burglar-proof windows, look out for certifications and markings, such as burglar-proof class RC2 or RC3. These labels confirm that the windows meet strict standards for burglary resistance.

It is also worth consulting a professional installer who can help you choose the right windows for your needs and provide expert installation.

Roto Safe A | Tandeo

Roto Safe A | Tandeo

Roto Safe A | Tandeo

At GM PLAST, we focus on the safety of our customers. This is why they can count on the best and latest solutions. One such innovation is the one we use in our doors Mechanical multipoint door lock.

Roto Safe A | Tandeo is a mechanical-automatic multi-point locking system in which the locking elements automatically lock the door when it is closed. Thanks to VdS-certified security (in preparation), the lock is considered locked for insurance purposes even without the use of a key.

  • bolts and automatic hooks extend automatically when the door closes
  • RC 2 / RC 3 possible with automatic hooks, certified in accordance with DIN EN 1627
  • Sash rebate height max. 3000 mm
  • Noise-reducing, low-noise latch for smooth door closing

Mechanical-automatic multipoint door locks

  • automatic and secure locking without the use of a key
  • three automatically extending bolts for increased burglary resistance (RC 2 / RC 3)
  • Reduced stock holding thanks to the use of frame parts from the Roto Safe standard programme
  • can be retrofitted for daytime opening facilitates keyless access

The Roto Safe A | Tandeo lock family is a favourable alternative to electromechanical multi-point locks: the user can benefit from an automatic locking system without integrated electronics.

3-point locks with automatic hooks provide maximum comfort and security. With the daylight opening function, you can consciously activate or deactivate the automatic locking of the door. The locks are designed for house and flat entrance doors and side entrances - of any material.

The multi-point mechanical-automatic lock is available in the Tandeo F variant with DIN EN 179 certification.


  • automatic keyless locking system
  • can be retrofitted with daytime opening function for easy keyless access


  • three automatically extending bolts for increased burglary resistance (RC 2 / RC 3)
  • main locking bolt extends automatically
  • Burglar resistance certified by VdS (in preparation)
  • automatic hooks and locks secured against undoing without the use of a key


  • Profile-dependent components from the standard Roto Safe system: Efficient installation and reduction in inventory
  • the latch can be turned on the installed door
  • uniform locking system reduces assembly and logistical effort


  • door design with heights of up to 3,000 mm allows adaptation to interior needs
  • durable and scratch-resistant coatings for a perfect long-term appearance
  • dornmasses from 35 to 80 mm provide great flexibility in application


  • DIN EN 15685 certificate (operating strength, corrosion resistance, area of application)
  • Certified durability according to DIN EN 1191 (200,000 cycles) - ensuring permanent operational reliability
  • 10-year operating reliability guarantee Roto Safe A | Tandeo / A700


Burglarproof windows are the perfect solution for those who are concerned about the security of their home. With their robust construction, burglary resistance and excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, these windows offer many benefits. By investing in burglar proof windows, you are investing in peace of mind and living comfort.