Premium windows

Premium windows

Premium windows

Top quality at the best price

Looking for the perfect premium windows for your home? GM PLAST Window and Door Factory, with over 25 years of experience, offers the highest quality windows on the market, at the most competitive prices. As a window manufacturer, we care about maximum comfort, security and modern design that fits perfectly in any type of home. Our products are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional.

Our windows are 7-chamber systems with three gaskets including a centre gasket with an installation depth of 88 mm, which guarantees excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. The centre seal used is an innovative solution that contributes to excellent thermal and acoustic performance. Can be used for passive houses according to ift-Richtlinie WA-15/2.

Our windows use the renowned German Kömmerling profiles, which have a history of over 100 years. This is a guarantee not only of prestige, but also of the highest quality workmanship. Our products are equipped with branded Roto NX hardware with microventilation included in the hinge and burglary protection (RC 2 or RC 3).

In addition, our windows are eco-friendly with lead-free profiles. Excellent value for money, easy care and maintenance, fast production and aesthetically pleasing design make our windows an excellent choice for anyone who values durability and comfort.

With thermal insulation at Uw=0.72 W/(m²K), our windows are energy efficient, saving on heating costs. In addition, sound insulation at 35 db improves the quality of life, guaranteeing peaceful sleep and living comfort.

Our products offer simple and professional installation thanks to a wide range of additional profiles, and the micro-ventilation integrated as standard in the hinge eliminates the need for additional elements on the frame, which increases living comfort. Long service life and ease of use are features that distinguish our top quality windows.

With our help, your home can look like this too:

Choose your system:


Kömmerling 76 AD

 the flagship economic product for the most demanding

Kömmerling 76 MD

 6-chamber profile designed for maximum energy saving and acoustic insulation of the building

Kömmerling 88 MD

 Our top-of-the-range 7-chamber profile with passive house capability, large glazing spectrum, high user comfort, easy care, barrier-free, thermally split threshold - a system that is ahead of the standards.

Kömmerling 70 AD

Most optimal installation depth.

premium windows

The systems are subject to a variety of inspections, resulting in CE marking and declarations and certificates for all variants.

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Push the limits of aesthetics with our exclusive uPVC windows

We invite you to discover the latest generation of PVC windows from GM PLAST. Our windows are a combination of robustness, durability and modern design. Made from high quality uPVC, they are not only very strong but also energy efficient, allowing you to keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year round. Available in a variety of colours and designs, our windows are customised to order, ensuring a perfect fit for your opening. Safety, comfort and savings go hand in hand thanks to our state-of-the-art solutions. Buying direct from the manufacturer, we not only offer competitive prices, but also professional installation and delivery. Save on your bills and enjoy modern design with GM PLAST windows.

Give Your Home a Breath of Luxury - Choose Our Luxury Windows 

Our exclusive premium windows are much more than just a fixture. They are intricately designed masterpieces that bring not only elegance but also modern innovation into your home. When you choose our windows, you are investing in the durability, energy efficiency and style that are synonymous with luxury and prestige. We are proud to present windows that will meet even the most sophisticated expectations, creating a unique space with excellent thermal and acoustic performance

Top quality windows

Top quality windows

The highest quality you can expect: Our Windows with Kommerling Profiles - A Choice Without Compromise

Choose GM PLAST premium windows to bring a unique harmony of design and functionality into your home. Our windows are not just a product - they are a symbol of prestige and refined taste. Designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, they offer not only aesthetic design but also innovative technological solutions. Provide your home with an unparalleled standard with our exclusive windows.

Elegance with Class: Our Best Windows Will Change the Look of Your Home

In our offer you will find luxury wooden windows GM PLAST, which combine tradition with modernity. Our premium wooden windows are not only aesthetic masterpieces, but also a symbol of durability and unique style. The innovative technologies used in them provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, creating an atmosphere of peace and comfort in your home. Discover how our wooden windows can give your interior a unique character.

Premium windows to meet your highest expectations

Our premium windows are synonymous not only with excellent quality, but also with elegance, modernity and comfort. By choosing our exclusive windows, you are investing in not only aesthetics, but also durability and energy efficiency. Using state-of-the-art technology, we offer solutions that not only meet your design expectations, but also provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Our luxury windows are bespoke, offering not only the highest quality workmanship, but also a wide range of colours and designs. When you choose our premium windows, you are investing in not just a product, but an exceptional standard that will revolutionise the look and functionality of your home