Roof windows

Roof windows

Roof windows: How to make the most of natural light in the loft or attic

Roof windows

Roof windows

Windows Roof windows, also known as skylights, are the perfect solution for attic or loft rooms. These unusual, but increasingly popular, windows allow natural light and air to enter the room. In the following article, we take a look at why roof windows are so important, the benefits they bring and how to use them in interior design.

Why roof windows?

1. Source of natural light

Roof windows allow much more natural light to enter the loft rooms compared to traditional windows placed on the walls. This saves on lighting and creates a pleasant atmosphere in the rooms.

2. Space and view

Roof windows not only provide light, but also great views of the surroundings. A high slope window allows you to enjoy the panorama, which can be particularly attractive if you are on a hill or surrounded by nature.

3 Ventilation

Roof windows can be opened, allowing the rooms in the attic to be ventilated. This is important especially on hot days when fresh air is needed.

How to use roof windows in interior design?

1. light in the dayroom

Roof windows are ideal for living rooms, dining rooms or other living areas. They allow you to create bright and airy interiors. Placed overhead, they can also add a unique character to a room.

2. attic bedrooms

Loft bedrooms are becoming increasingly popular. Roof windows in the bedroom provide a romantic view of the night sky and pleasant natural lighting. During the day, blinds can be used to darken the room.

3. studios and offices

Roof windows are ideal for work or study spaces. They provide plenty of light, which can improve productivity and comfort.

4. Relaxation rooms

If you are planning to create a relaxation area in the loft or attic, be it a lounge or a small library, roof windows will allow you to enjoy a moment of peace in a natural setting.

How much do roof windows cost in 2023?

This is estimated to be around £1,000 per standard-sized window.


Roof windows provide a unique solution for attic and loft spaces. When properly designed, they allow for the introduction of natural light, views and the possibility of ventilation. They not only increase the comfort of the home, but also add charm and character to the rooms. If you are thinking of realising the potential of your attic or loft, consider installing roof windows to transform these spaces into unique and functional interiors.