How much do blinds cost in 2023?

How much do blinds cost in 2023?

How much do blinds cost in 2023?

How much do blinds cost in 2023?

Blinds is a popular window accessory that performs many functions, from regulating light to increasing privacy in rooms. The choice of blinds can be varied, both in terms of type, material and cost. In the article below, we take a look at how much blinds cost, the factors that influence price and how to make a choice that meets your expectations and budget.

Size and type of window

The cost of roller blinds depends largely on the size of the window for which they are intended. Roller blinds for a large balcony or panoramic window will be more expensive than those for a small bathroom window. In addition, the type of window affects the cost - roller blinds for roof, balcony or round windows will cost differently.

Type of blind

Various types of roller blinds are available on the market, such as overhead, concealed or facadeas well as standard internal blinds or simply blinds

Material and quality

It also depends on whether they are internal or external blinds, but the material the blinds are made of affects the price. Roller blinds made of fabric are usually cheaper than those made of aluminium or wood. The choice of material depends on our aesthetic preferences and our expectations of thermal and acoustic insulation.

Type of mechanism

Roller shutters can be operated using different mechanisms, such as manual, electric or radio, so we can control it via remote control or telephone More about this solution read here. Roller blinds with automatic control or remote control are convenient, but cost more than traditional manual roller blinds.


The cost of installing roller shutters also affects the overall cost of the investment. If the installation is carried out by a professional company, the costs may be higher than in the case of an in-house installation. It is worth noting whether the installation is included in the price of the roller blinds or whether it has to be ordered separately.

Approximate price per blind

In 2023, for an 80×80 cm manual roller shutter we will pay around PLN 530, for an electric roller shutter with a push-button motor we will pay around PLN 880, for an electric roller shutter with a radio motor we will pay up to PLN 1110.


How much roller blinds cost depends on many factors, such as the type of window, type of blind, material, operating mechanism and installation. It is worth considering your needs, expectations and available budget before making a decision. Choosing the right roller blinds can affect the comfort and aesthetics of a room, so a well-considered choice will be an investment in the comfort and functionality of the interior.