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Current colour palette:

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Our windows are tinted in the mass so they are more durable than veneer and, if scratched, no white scratch is visible.

Decors & Design Modern Kömmerling windows. Unique form and colour.

The Kömmerling brand offers window and door systems in a wide range of colours and structures. Choose from classic white, universal colours, metallic colours, wood structures and AluClip overlays.

Above all, all surfaces are extremely weather, impact and scratch resistant and easy to clean.

Kömmerling colours include:


White window colour

Timeless, elegant, classic - smooth, glossy surfaces with an undoubtedly durable look.

Kömmerling Laminate colours

Our colour programme offers a wide range of colours. From timeless, classic colours to high-quality woodgrains and elegant metallic shades. In line with the latest trends, all shades of grey are available. Classically embossed structures, laminates are complemented by smooth and brushed surfaces.

The colour programme offers 88 colour variants and laminates.
There is a wide choice between trendy, bright colours, natural, high-quality woodgrains and elegant metallic colours. Therefore, in line with the latest trend, all shades of grey are available. Classically embossed laminate structures are complemented by smooth and brushed surfaces.

Woodgrain laminations

Wood-based laminates

Plain colour laminations


Metallic colour laminations

in metallic colour

Aluminium coatings

Aluminium coatings

The exceptional properties of the aluminium material undoubtedly combine with an elegant appearance in a virtually unlimited variety of colours. This wide range is made possible by finishing techniques such as RAL powder coating or anodising.

Kömmerling colours



The proCoverTec surface finish technology provides optimum protection against environmental influences on the profiles. This innovative technology therefore presents a fascinating combination of a satin appearance and a pleasant, slightly textured character.

Kömmerling individual colour shapes

Individual shapes

There are undoubtedly many possibilities! For us there are no limits! There are possibilities to design a window to suit every style of facade: from classic lines to rounded arches and triangular, trapezoidal and rounded forms. Individual solutions will give your building style and elegance.So choose your colour from the Kömmerling colour palette and we will take care of the rest.

We will be happy to design your dream window with you!

Kömmerling colours