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The pergola is a very versatile solution, created to cover large areas. It is certainly a stylish addition, fitting in perfectly with the trends of modern construction. Now available from GM PLAST.

The product is suitable not only for single-family housing as part of terrace or garden space development, but also for commercial buildings as a modern and practical roofing element for summer gardens in cafés or restaurants.

Thanks to the possibility of using side screens such as screens or sliding glass panels, the pergola can be used regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

GM PLAST offers the MB-OPENSKY 140 system, the first pergola on the market to be sold as a system! Get to know our latest solution and make money on prefabrication!

MB-OpenSky 140 pergola system


System design MB-OpenSky 140 is made of extruded aluminium, which guarantees its durability and strength. The use of an innovative method of fitting profiles with special pins ensured the stability of the entire system and an aesthetically pleasing connection with no visible gaps. The canopy consists of a module made up of movable lamellas, equipped with a mechanism allowing the angle of inclination to be changed in the axis from 0 to 135°. The laths are fitted with special seals to protect against rainwater, and a drainage system located in the posts allows water to be effectively drained through gutters and downpipes into the stormwater system.

The product meets the conditions for resistance to snow loads and strong wind gusts. Tests have shown that for a pergola measuring 6 m long × 4 m wide × 3 m high, the permissible snow load is 200 kg/m², which corresponds to a snow cover height of approx. 100 cm, while the wind load is approx. 95 km/h.

The pergola can come as a free-standing version and as a wall-mounted version, with a special console that allows the wall to be insulated. A double-nave version is available to increase the usable area. The maximum dimensions of one segment are: L 7 m × W 5 m × H 3 m

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