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What distinguishes our sliding doors and windows is the fact that they have sound insulation at a level of 45 db, making outside noises practically inaudible. They have an excellent thermal insulation coefficient Uf = 1.2 - 1.3 W/(m²K), while the Ud value for the reference window reaches up to 0.8 W/(m²K). They have a very high mechanical strength of construction. Excellent profile stability in high lift-and-slide door constructions. Narrow visible profile width for maximum solar inflow and high solar energy gains.  Thanks to their properties, our systems are ideal for both single-family buildingsas well as in comfortable flats or hotels.

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PremiDoor 88 (HST)

PremiDoor is an innovative sliding door system that allows for voluntary arrangements in terraces, balconies and conservatories. The large glazed area optically enlarges the rooms and optimally illuminates the interior.

PremiDoor 88 is an aesthetically pleasing system characterised by a variety of leaf and frame design options, invisible component attachment, outstanding technical insulation, high thermal insulation, lead-free technology and an elegant appearance. We know that you care about high quality, which is why these sliding doors are the ideal solution.

The design of the profiles makes it possible to make exclusive large-scale doors, filled with single or double glazing, and the materials and technical solutions used help to achieve the a high degree of thermal and acoustic protection.

PremiDoor 76 (HST)

HST sliding door system PremiDoor 76 is the perfect solution both for new construction and for buildings undergoing renovation. By using PremiDoor 76 you will experience the feeling of complete freedom and liberty in your own home.


PremiSlide 76 MD (PSK)

PremiSlide 76 MD is a window and door system that gives designers the opportunity to create both small as well as large structuresInnovative mechanism locking is easy i intuitive in use. The modern and slim profile design ensures maximum natural light in the room.


PremiLine (PSK)


PremiLine is a two-wing sliding door system that will give your home an attractive appearance and unique design.



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Sliding doors are the ideal solution when you care about every centimetre.

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Sliding glass doors are a great option to bring beauty to a home or commercial premises in the form of natural light and an unobstructed view of the surroundings. They can also provide easy access to an outdoor space or balcony, often adding a welcome breeze during the warmer summer months. However, like most other property improvement projects, sliding patio doors also have their drawbacks. When deciding whether sliding doors are right for you, it is important to consider the options.

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