External roller shutters are still an extremely practical but underrated solution. In unfavourable weather conditions, they form a barrier which effectively protects the interiors from heat loss. In summer, on the other hand, they provide excellent protection against overheating of interiors, at the same time limiting the use of air-conditioning devices and thus reducing building operating costs. The roller blind installed in accordance with the system provider's guidelines also has very good acoustic properties, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the perception of noise from outside. Roller blind systems offered by GM PLAST can additionally be integrated with a mosquito net, which guarantees effective protection of rooms against insects. In addition, a suitably selected system of external roller blinds can provide protection against burglary.

Roller shutter curtains most often consist of profiles made of high-quality aluminium sheet filled with foam, with a special two-layer PU/PA varnish coating. This makes them highly resistant to abrasion and weathering. More rigid and stable profiles made of extruded aluminium and plastic profiles are also available, depending on the chosen system. A wide range of colours makes it possible to match roller shutters to any façade.

GM PLAST offers external roller shutters in the following systems - surface, overlay, flush and lintel.

  • GM PLAST roller blinds
    GM PLAST roller blinds

Blinds Police

Blinds Police

1. Exposed roller shutters - also known as façade roller shutters, standard roller shutters

As their name suggests, such roller shutters are the most basic and also the most popular product in this category. They can be installed at any time on the façade of a building, in a window or door recess. It is an ideal solution for residents of blocks of flats, who cannot afford large interferences in the building structure. What can be seen as a disadvantage is the roller shutter box clearly visible above the window. Fortunately, the boxes are increasingly available in different shapes and colours, which helps to improve the aesthetics.

  • Exterior surface-mounted roller shutters - Surface-mounted roller shutters, or façade roller shutters, can be installed at any time. This is due to the way they are installed, directly on the wall above the window or in the reveal. This can be done at any time, therefore external surface-mounted roller shutters are a popular choice especially for older buildings.
  • Adaptive external blinds (integrated) - are a combination of the advantages of surface-mounted and overhead roller shutters. They can also be fitted at any time without major interference with the building structure. External adaptive roller shutters They can be mounted directly on the wall or in the window recess.
Surface-mounted roller shutters

Surface-mounted roller shutters

2. Attachment roller shutters - also known as overlapping or on-window roller shutters

Such roller shutters can also be used in flats, provided that they have been installed early enough and the developer has agreed to such an intervention. This is because external roller shutters are mounted directly onto a window which has not yet been fitted and are inserted into the recess with it. It is also a relatively cheap and simple solution for houses, and is available in a variety of colour options. By being fitted to the window frame, the roller blinds form a uniform, aesthetically pleasing unit with it.


overlapping shutters

overlapping shutters

3. Concealed blinds

The installation of a flush-mounted roller shutter requires the removal of the top layer of the façade, which is why it is worth thinking about it before the external walls are finished. In return, however, we receive a completely invisible roller shutter mechanism, hidden completely in the building façade. Thanks to this, the box of the external roller shutter does not constitute an aesthetic barrier, and when raised, the roller shutter is not visible.


Concealed blinds

Concealed blinds Szczecin

4. Lintel roller shutters - otherwise known as RKS roller shutters

This is the most advanced and aesthetic way of installing external roller shutters. The roller shutter box is installed in the window lintel during the construction of the building. It is usually made of hard polystyrene with steel reinforcement, and all its components are concealed. Once raised, the roller blind "disappears" into the building wall and is completely invisible. The disadvantage of this solution, however, is that it must be planned as early as possible - as early as the building design stage.

RKS lintel roller shutters

RKS lintel roller shutters

Roller shutter construction


External roller shutters construction

Roller shutters Szczecin external construction

Example colour scheme:

  • agate grey
    agate grey

Add charm to your property!

Roller blinds are among the most popular and affordable window treatments - providing a sophisticated contemporary look that enhances and complements any décor. Our roller blinds are available with a variety of screen, translucent and blackout finishes. We use technically superior hardware systems so your blinds operate efficiently year after year, and we have a wide range of fabrics, all of which are designed to withstand any climate.

Nowadays, interior decoration is the most important thing to focus on, because it is your home that defines your elegance and style. Why leave windows neglected after all the interior criteria have been met, such as furnishings, walls and doors? In this article, we will discuss the advantages of roller blinds as a window covering and explain why you should opt for a roller blind for your home or office window.

If you have several windows in your home, you might consider adding window blinds.

Blinds Police

Blinds Police

Ensure safety

Blinds are a popular approach among homeowners when it comes to window coverings. Roller blinds are a stylish way to enhance the décor of any room in the home, including bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms.
Roller shutter windows are an excellent alternative for your window decoration needs, thanks to their timeless beauty and several benefits for both the home and the homeowner.
Roller blinds are a much-loved option among homeowners when it comes to window coverings. In any part of the home, including the bedroom, kitchen or living room, blinds are a stylish way to enhance the décor.
The simple design of roller shutters is one advantage. Any window solution that uses roller shades will look more streamlined and give your home a neat, tidy look. This type of shade is very beneficial for contemporary homes. Window shades can be added on top of a roller shade, or you can keep the design simple and just use roller shades.

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Many households can have problems with sunlight. Depending on where the windows are located in the house, too much sunlight may enter the room and require shade.
With roller blinds, the amount of sunlight entering the room can be controlled.
Many manufacturers provide solar screens that reduce glare, heat infiltration and UV radiation with roller shutters made of high performance materials. In summer, heat infiltration can be a serious problem and increase energy costs. You can solve this problem with roller blinds.

Motorised day-night blinds

Standard blinds have limited shading options and all adjustments must be made manually.
There are alternative motorised roller shutterswhich you could install for simple operation by remote control. This is very useful if you have windows that are difficult to reach, for example in rooms with high ceilings. With motorised roller shutters, you can easily change the lighting in your home whenever you want at the touch of a button.

blinds szczecin and police
The elderly and people with mobility problems really love these window covers.
Blinds in the home easily accumulate dust and pet hair over time. As cleaning each slat is difficult, it is usually sufficient to replace the blinds, which is expensive. Unlike traditional blinds, roller blinds do not collect dust and are easy to clean. Thanks to the design of the cover inside the top rail, blinds are easy to maintain and less likely to require repairs.
Visitors will appreciate the taste and spectacular look your living space provides when you use the right blinds for your home. Blinds are the most noticeable window decoration in a room.

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Make your life easier

Remote-controlled roller shutters

Remote-controlled roller shutters

Control your roller shutters at the touch of a button: electronic roller shutters offer comfort, ease and flexibility with an intuitive control system and premium design. Combining sensor options, sun protection, safety and energy-saving features, our roller shutters cover everything. When it comes to controls, wall switches, remote controls and control from a mobile phone or smartphone, there is something for everyone. The home control systems come with a timer option that allows you to control your home environment remotely. In addition to this, roller shutters can operate according to a sensor that detects a specific light intensity and room temperature. This function maintains the desired room temperature in summer and prevents the rooms from overheating. In winter, this function can use the incoming sunlight to warm the room and save on heating costs. Providing comfort, energy-saving functions and flexibility, heroal roller shutters are the perfect way to maximise the potential of your home.

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