Control your roller shutters remotely with Somfy solutions

Intelligent external roller shutters

Installing motorised roller shutters is the first step towards making life at home simpler and more comfortable. They provide an extra layer of insulation, make it harder to break in, provide excellent protection from the sun and completely shade your bedroom. By connecting them to your smart home management system, you eliminate unnecessary chores. Now you have more time for the things you enjoy most.

If you install automatic external blinds connected to your control system, a single touch or voice command is all it takes to close them all when you leave the house and then reopen them when you return. No more fumbling to open and close each roller shutter individually with a crank or tape.

Program your motorised roller shutters to respond to changes in environmental conditions.
In summer, when the room temperature exceeds 25°C, the roller shutters close automatically.
You protect your furniture, animals and plants from the sun's rays and your home stays pleasantly cool.
You also reduce the need for air conditioning.

In winter, the sun acts as an additional source of heat. The blinds open to let the heat in and close when the sun goes down to keep the heat in.

When you are on the move, your home can look like you are there.

In the morning, the presence simulation function automatically opens the external blinds as usual. At night, the roller blinds close and the lights come on. It looks as if someone is on site.

Your home is safe


Choose a drive equipped with io-homecontrol technology! This will allow you to connect your smart home appliances together and receive real-time feedback so you always know the status of all your appliances.

No matter where you are or what time it is, you can check the position of your roller shutters on the TaHoma® app.

Open or close them with a single touch.

Revolutionary remote-controlled motor for electric roller shutters.

Combine comfort and functionality!

The io-homecontrol technology provides you with real-time feedback on the status of the drive to your smartphone.

Enjoy exceptional acoustic comfort with a discreet mode and smooth, controlled movement.

The revolutionary motor is equipped with an obstacle detection function that ensures your sunscreen system is protected and long-lasting.

We will help you carry out the installation of motorised external blinds

Whether you are building a house or carrying out a renovation, we will be able to offer you optimal solutions. Our professional team will help you set up your project and explain in detail:

advantages of motorised roller shutters
different types of drives
whether you need bespoke equipment
how to upgrade and retrofit an already installed roller shutter,
how to choose the best material (aluminium, PVC)
all aspects of installation (tracks, colour, slats), box size, etc.

How to control a smart?

3 ways to control devices using the TaHoma® switch

1. Using the TaHoma® control panel switch

Start your favourite daily scenarios with one touch using two personalised scenario start buttons.

2.With the Somfy Protect app

Control your home alarm system with your smartphone, while at home or away. You can also control it using a timer or sensors.

3. using the voice assistant

Control smart home devices with a compatible voice assistant.

Remote control of roller shutters

Motorised roller shutters

Remote control shutters

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