We give Hoppe Atlanta Secustik and FAM window handles as standard for our windows. If you are interested in a different handle, please let us know.

Hoppe window handles Atlanta

Atlanta window handles are equipped with the Secustik mechanism, which is an integrated base security device.®. Its function is to make it difficult to move the window fitting from the outside. In practice, the coupling element between the handle and the stem allows the window handle to be operated from the inside, but blocks it when attempting to manipulate it with the fitting from the outside. Secustik® is therefore a kind of 'mechanical diode' that increases security. Moving a window handle equipped with a Secustik technology® 180° from the closed to the tilted position, causes the mechanism to audibly snap into place. A precise click can be heard in any position as the handle is moved, thus providing an additional audible safety accent.

HOPPE aluminium window handle with technology Secustik® i VarioFit®:

  • Positioning: 45°
  • Rosette cover: rotatable partially covering
  • Internal construction: plastic, stabilising pivots
  • Bolt: solid HOPPE, adjustment range of bolt length 10mm, stepless adjustment via a built-in spring inside the handle
  • Mounting: covered, M5 self-tapping screws
  • Special feature: integrated safety in the base handle

Always a good fit! - Window handle with VarioFit®

A number of profile systems are available for aluminium, timber and plastic windows, which must meet the requirements not only for energy saving and safety, but also for design. These systems in turn require corresponding stem lengths.

All window handles must therefore be fitted with the appropriate length of square pins.

The HOPPE solution

Only one door handle for different window profiles. With VarioFit® in the window handle, you will always have the matching stem length for the respective window profile.

The VarioFit® window handle adapts the length of the stem to the given depth of the window profile. This is made possible by a pressure spring located in the centre of the handle on the stem. Thanks to the spring mechanism, the stem is pressed in steplessly, thus ensuring the correct seating. The window handle, which covers differences in depth of up to 10mm, can therefore be used for windows with different profile cross-sections.

The integrated Secustik® technology makes it difficult to turn the bolt and thus move the window espagnolette from the outside. Of course, the VarioFit® window handle is RAL certified.

  • Hoppe handle white
    Hoppe handle white
  • Hoppe handle with key white
    Hoppe handle with key white
  • Hoppe push-button handle white
    Hoppe push-button handle white

This is how technology works Secustik®

  • 01. Window handle locking mechanism equipped with Secustik technology®.

    Secustik® technology


  • 02. Turning the handle causes the spring-loaded safety pins [1] to audibly snap into special recesses in the housing [2] with a precise click.


  • Secustik® technology
    • 03. As they continue to turn, the safety pins [1] are transferred by the coupling element [3] to the subsequent recesses [2], where they audibly engage.
      Hoppe secustik
    • 04. In the event of an intrusion attempt, the security pins [1] are pressed by the second coupling element [3] into the recesses located in the housing [2].
    • Secustik® technology

      05. In this position, the safety pin [1] effectively prevents the handle from being turned from the outside.

    Secustik® technology

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