Renson ventilator

Renson ventilator



Window ventilators: guarantee for a healthy indoor climate

Through window ventilators, fresh air flows naturally into the dry zones of the building (living room, bedroom). This benefit alone makes such an investment worthwhile. This supply system in combination with an efficient exhaust air system guarantees a healthy indoor climate at all times of the day and year. In addition, this type of ventilator does not interfere with the aesthetics of the building facade and at the same time reduces noise and avoids draughts.

Fresh air all the time

The supply of fresh air through the new generation of window ventilators is not random, but strictly controlled. For example, the Renson Invisivent Air and Comfort window ventilators (C+ ventilation elements) in combination with the Healthbox 3.0 intelligent control unit (extract controller) ensure that the right amount of fresh air enters the home. In addition, they are lined with noise-dampening material and equipped with an automatic non-return valve, so they form the most efficient and comfortable ventilation system.

Hermetic and discreetly located

Renson window ventilators are designed so that they are not visible in the façade. They can also be aesthetically finished inside. In addition, they can be fitted to the window quickly and precisely as an airtight assembly. Ventilation systems are compulsory in newly built and retrofitted buildings, so it is worth choosing the best window ventilators.

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