Surface-mounted roller shutters

Surface-mounted roller shutters

Surface-mounted roller shutters

Façade roller shutters, also known as wall-mounted or surface-mounted roller shutters, are best suited for installation in existing buildings. They provide excellent protection for the home against adverse weather conditions, noise and even burglary. Façade roller shutters can be mounted both on the wall and in the window recess. A wide range of colours makes it possible to match the visible elements - the box casing and guides - with the façade or window joinery. GM PLAST façade roller shutters are a functional solution for houses, offices and even garden sheds. Aluminium external roller blinds are recommended for both smaller windows and balcony and terrace doors. To meet our customers' expectations, we can make facade roller blinds to any size.

Surface-mounted external roller shutters Surface-mounted external roller shutters are a solution that is ideal for both modern and traditional homes. The system is mounted on the building façade or in a window recess. The decision to install surface-mounted roller shutters can therefore be made at any time, making this solution ideal for modernising existing buildings. The great advantage of this type of roller shutter is that it does not interfere with the current state of the façade.

Construction of the roller shutter

Construction of a façade roller shutter


Surface-mounted roller shutters

Surface-mounted roller shutters

Exposed roller shutters - main features

- dedicated to existing buildings

- aesthetically attractive design adapted to modern and traditional buildings

- very good thermal insulation

- no interference with existing buildings

- easy to install

- wide range of colours

- three types of boxes to choose from

very good acoustic protection

Example colour scheme:
  • agate grey
    agate grey

Surface-mounted roller shutters onr

Surface-mounted roller shutters

Surface-mounted roller shutters

At GM PLAST, we make surface-mounted roller shutters to the customer's specifications and tailored to the various window parameters. Depending on the model selected, the limiting dimension ranges from 7.2 to 9.0 sq.m. In the case of surface-mounted roller shutters, we additionally have a choice of three types of box - an elegant semi-circular box, a classic box cut at a 45-degree angle and a fancy box rounded at a 45-degree angle. In all box types, the inspection flap is located at the front of the box. Surface-mounted roller shutters can also be fitted with a mosquito net. Aluminium surface-mounted roller shutters The lamellas of surface-mounted roller shutters are made of high-quality aluminium profiles, manufactured from a high-quality aluminium alloy and filled with polyurethane foam. This combination results in increased thermal and acoustic insulation. Importantly, the profiles in the aluminium top roller shutter are coated with cadmium-free paint, making it an environmentally friendly product. In addition, this type of roller blind is characterised by increased resistance to abrasion and the effects of the atmospheric.

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