Doors to the flat

Otium line

Doors to the flat

Doors to the flat

internal doors with wooden frame

|Sound insulation 38 DB|.


In residential and public buildings as internal entrance doors (not applicable to width 80N).

Widths available:

Single-winged: "80", "80N", "90".

Available frames:

Fixed wooden veneer in the same colour as the sash with aluminium threshold.

Adjustable wooden veneer in the same colour as the sash with aluminium threshold.


  • documented acoustic insulation value of Rw=38dB
  • 46 mm thick sash with sound-absorbing board
  • soft wood frame veneered in the same colour as the leaf
  • 3 hinges adjustable in 3 planes
  • locking plate with adjustable sash closing pressure
  • Fixed anti-lifting pins
  • panoramic viewfinder
  • three-bolt main lock
  • additional three-bolt lock
  • two gaskets
  • aluminium threshold with spacer

Interlocking doors

The Otium internal staircase door is designed for interior installation as the entrance door to flats or other rooms from the corridor or directly from the staircase. For the highest level of comfort, the door leaf is filled with a sound-absorbing board so that the door is also an acoustic door. The documented sound insulation value Rw for this door is 38dB. In order to maintain a high level of security, Otium's interlocking doors are equipped with burglar-proof bolts and two independent three-bolt locks. Otium flush doors significantly dampen any acoustic waves both coming into the flat from the stairwell and coming out of the flat to the outside. We recommend purchasing the variant with an adjustable frame.

Colours available:

    • Wenge horizon Otium


    • Otium concrete


    • Otium aged oak


    • Otium wotan oak


    • Otium bleached larch


    • Otium graphite


    • Otium Silver Oak


    • Graphite larch Otium


    • Otium rustic oak


    • White Otium


    • Otium oak


    • Otium alpine oak


    • Otium Chestnut


    • Mokka Otium


    • Otium Dark Walnut


    • Lanzado Walnut Otium


    • Tuja Otium


    • Otium Golden Oak


  • Wenge Otium