Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage door

Sectional garage door

A sectional garage door has hinged panels that roll along vertical tracks on either side of the door. The hinges connect the panels and the wheels on the panel roll along the track as the door opens and closes.

Due to the construction of sectional garage doors, which open vertically upwards and are suspended from the ceiling, they provide maximum space inside and in front of the garage. Sectional garage doors can be installed in any garage opening and provide up to 14 cm more passage width than up-and-over garage doors. Flexible and weather-resistant seals on all four sides of the sectional garage door ensure optimal sealing. Treat yourself to this comfort and convenience. Sectional doors are tested and certified according to the high safety requirements of European standard 13241-1. 


Sectional garage doors can be made of steel or aluminium. They consist of panels, the thickness of which depends on the customer's requirements. The interior is filled with polyurethane foam. The mounting system and accessories are made using technology that ensures adequate tightness and, consequently, high energy efficiency. Reinforcement mechanisms and those providing mobility are protected against corrosion. The sectional doors offered are equipped with additional hardware and hinges.

The construction of a sectional door largely depends on the intended use, sectional garage doors differ from industrial sectional doors mainly in their dimensions and aesthetics. Moreover, the doors can be equipped with a dedicated operator for sectional garage doors, additional doors or window openings.

Sectional door - advantages

Sectional doors have a number of advantages. The first of these is aesthetics, which is very often the main criterion for choosing a product. A wide choice of colours makes it possible to match the door to the colour of the façade. Sectional doors are also characterised by excellent energy efficiency. The U-value can be as low as 0.9 [W/m2K]. The sectional doors on offer can, therefore, be installed in passive houses.

Another advantage of these products is their durability and robustness. Thanks to the attention to every detail and the fitting of additional accessories, the products operate faultlessly for many years and maintain the appropriate aesthetics. The automated systems operate quietly and reliably, which is extremely convenient.

A much-appreciated feature of such gates is that their construction and method of installation is not intrusive, thus saving a lot of space in the garage or industrial hall.

Facade sectional door

The façade garage door allows the appearance of the garage entrance to be uniquely integrated into the building façade. In this way it is "hidden" in the façade, so to speak. This creates a uniquely designer effect. This type of façade door is ideally suited to minimalist buildings designed in a modern style.

Sectional garage doors, sectional facade doors - prices

As with other types of solutions, the prices of sectional garage doors can vary greatly. The final cost depends primarily on the dimensions of the door and the materials with which it is finished.

In doing so, it should be borne in mind that the price of a facade door is higher than for classic products. This is primarily due to their special construction and often also to the finish using non-standard materials. By choosing such an option, however, you can be sure that the final effect will be completely worth the price. This is because gates of this type give the entire building an elegant, modern look.

If you are interested in sectional garage doors and the GM PLAST price list, please contact us; together we will choose the best solution for your investment, tailored to the building, the client's vision and the planned budget.

Sectional gates are made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, ceramic and others. As a result, they can be perfectly matched to the façade and architecture of the building. They are a truly exclusive option among the various types of garage doors. Although their correct fitting into the doorway requires precise measurements and close cooperation from the design stage of the garage, the final result achieved looks truly unique.