Turn-Only garage doors

Swing gates are a classic option for finishing off a house. They add style and are functional. It is a traditional solution that has been known for many years, but made in accordance with modern technology. They usually come in a double-leaf variant.

Thanks to their design, swing garage doors can be upgraded and modernised in many ways. This is a step towards customer needs and meeting the requirements of the current market.

Construction based on a warm profile system

Constructed from the highest quality garage panels


High thermal and acoustic insulation of the garage door is ensured by a structure based on a warm profile system, thermally insulated, and an infill in the form of 40 mm thick panels, insulated with polyurethane foam.

The doors are available in different embossing variants on the outside.

The frame is painted or veneered in a colour identical or as close as possible to that of the sash.

Garage doors

The design of the garage door is reminiscent of the swing door, a solution that has been used in garages for many years.

An extremely wide range of dimensions ensures that even unusual designs can be accommodated. The latest profile systems make it possible to manufacture garage doors up to 2800 mm wide.

The door leaves are filled with the highest quality garage door panels. The offer therefore includes all embossing patterns available in the sectional door collections. The colour range includes over 200 RAL colours, as well as a proprietary collection of veneers, including modern woodgrain and metallic anthracite designs.

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Hinged garage door - characteristics

Swinging garage doors are constructed from a profile system filled with 40 mm thick panels and insulated with polyurethane foam. A wide range of swing garage door dimensions is available (up to a width of 2800 mm).

The patterns and colours of the panels are varied, so you can choose the right product to match the style of the building. Aluminium thresholds or silver hardware also add a touch of class. The price list for swing garage doors varies, as they can be fitted with additional components on request.

Optional elements that can be fitted to adapt the product to the investor's requirements include:

The thickness of the profiles and the polyurethane foam filling make insulated up-and-over garage doors extremely energy-efficient. They are used both in traditional construction and in passive houses. Energy efficiency is a factor that is increasingly being taken into account as a key consideration when choosing a door.

Swing door - advantages

Double-leaf swing gates are a combination of tradition and modernity. They possess extraordinary aesthetic qualities. Various colours, a large selection of patterns and veneers (e.g. wood-effect or metallic) mean that everyone will find something to suit their taste. The gates on offer have a high level of safety and are made with attention to detail. Technological advances have given a second life to these long-established doors and make them a more classic alternative to sectional or roller doors.