The sliding frame mosquito net system protects the interior from insects and is used in large, glazed recesses of balconies, terraces and conservatories. The mosquito net sash slides between the upper and lower running rail. In the lower part a running roller is used with a mechanism that allows smooth adjustment of the tilt angle of each wing. Additional reinforcement, mounted via a snap-in connection, makes it possible to manufacture larger sash frames. Thanks to the use of a low running rail solution, the mosquito net works perfectly with sliding doors with a so-called "low threshold".
The frame profiles and running rails are made of an extruded aluminium section with a modern shape, coated with a coating characterised by increased resistance to abrasion and weathering. The shape of the main mosquito net profile eliminates the need for additional handles. Mosquito net frame and wing are mounted with internal corners. The mosquito net can be mounted in a three-row system.
Operating comfort
The sliding frame mosquito net is mounted directly to the door frame or reveal. The wide selection of running rails allows the mosquito net to be mounted in different variants, on all types of windows and doors with a guarantee of collision-free cooperation with external roller shutters.
Utility qualities
The mosquito net's well-thought-out design and appropriately selected materials provide effective protection against insects and insects, while maintaining access to light and air. Each mosquito net leaf is sealed with brush gaskets. The system also uses a brake that slows down the movement of the wing in its extreme position and a buffer that limits the movement of the wing in its extreme position.
Colour palette
The large selection of colours in the standard palette makes it possible to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Colour coatings are carried out using the following methods depending on the customer's wishes: powder coating and Decoral.

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