The opening frame mosquito net system perfectly protects the interior from insects by working perfectly with balcony doors. The profile of the mosquito net frame has a rounded, modern shape, which perfectly matches the commonly used window frames. Additional reinforcement, mounted through a snap connection, allows the manufacturing of larger mosquito nets.
The frame of the mosquito net is made of extruded aluminium profiles, which guarantees its durability and strength. In addition, it is joined by aluminium internal corners, which significantly stiffens the whole structure. It is also possible to choose how the profiles are joined to the corners, either by clamping on a press or by means of pressure screws. A brush gasket is placed around the perimeter of the frame to provide additional sealing. At the bottom of the mosquito net leaf is a filler plate, which comes in two sizes and its main function is to protect the net from damage when opening.
Operating comfort
The opening frame mosquito net is mounted directly to the door frame or frame by means of hinges with a self-closing device, whose simple construction allows the spring tension to be adjusted with an Allen key. Two opening variants are available: an ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing handle or a specially shaped connecting profile allowing to close and open the mosquito net from both the inner and outer part of the leaf.
Utility qualities
The MRO mosquito net is a very aesthetically pleasing and functional solution, which can be successfully used for many years thanks to its durable construction. The screen used in the mosquito net is made of glass fibre, which guarantees its resistance to weather conditions. It is available in two colours: grey and black.
Colour palette
The large selection of colours in the standard palette makes it possible to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Colour coatings are made using the following methods
depending on the customer's request: powder coating and Decoral.

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