The fixed frame mosquito net system is the most popular solution of its kind for protection against insects. It is particularly recommended for rooms that need regular protection such as bedrooms, bathrooms or children's rooms. The MRO system works with the majority of PVC and wooden window profiles available on the market. Thanks to the use of a frame with an angle-adjustable inner corner, it is possible to manufacture mosquito nets with irregular shapes, such as trapeziums or triangles.
The mosquito net frame is made of high-quality extruded aluminium sections with a modern shape. The frame profile is available in two variants: with a "fin", adjacent to the window frame, and without a fin", which has a special pocket for a brush seal and is used with a completely built-up window frame. The mosquito net frame can be joined using aluminium internal corners, either clamped or screwed. There is also an angle-adjustable aluminium corner that works with the two main profiles of the fixed frame mosquito net. There is also a choice of plastic external corners available in a wide range of colours.
Operating comfort
The fixed frame mosquito net is mounted on the outside of the window frame. Thanks to the use of non-invasive swivel catches, the mosquito net can be easily and quickly fixed and removed, maintaining the full functionality of the windows. The fasteners are available in five sizes to suit the type of window frame.
Utility qualities
The MRO frame mosquito net in no way affects the functionality of the window and its durable
The net is made of glass fibre, which makes it weather-resistant and easy to clean. The netting of the mosquito net is made of glass fibre, which makes it weather-resistant and easy to keep clean.
Colour palette
The large selection of colours in the standard palette makes it possible to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Colour coatings are carried out using the following methods depending on the customer's wishes: powder coating and Decoral.

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