The MPH pleated mosquito net system is a solution designed primarily to save space. This product is ideal for mounting on terrace doors and in balcony niches, where the width reaches up to 4m.

The structure of the mosquito net is made of extruded aluminium making it durable
and weather-resistant, and can be painted in any RAL colour. A special feature of this product is the use of a special pleated net, which folds up when closed and retracts into the side profile. In this way, the mosquito net takes up very little space, allowing optimum use of space. Importantly, it does not impair the functionality of the door in any way, nor does it limit the view to the outside. An advantage of the company's solution is the possibility to separately adjust the tension of each mosquito net guide string, which guarantees a stable positioning of the net.
Operating comfort
The MPH system is characterised by its extremely smooth sliding, which makes it very easy to use and does not require much effort. In addition, the design of the mosquito net allows it to be stopped in any position. It also has the advantage of a low threshold, which does not impede free passage in any way.
Utility qualities
The well-thought-out construction of the mosquito net and the appropriately selected materials provide effective protection against insects and insects, while at the same time maintaining access to light and air. In addition, the Harmony pleated mosquito net is designed to work seamlessly with our roller blind systems using the PPMO 53 guide rail.

Colour palette
The large selection of colours in the standard palette makes it possible to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Colour coatings are carried out using the following methods depending on the customer's wishes: powder coating and Decoral.

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