Exterior window sills

We offer external window sills in extremely rich colours to complement the building.

External steel window sills

External steel window sills are made of galvanised steel sheet with a very aesthetic appearance. The main advantages of this type of product are high resistance to atmospheric conditions and the ease of keeping them clean. Steel, as one of the cheapest materials on the market, is ideal for economical people who value both an attractive appearance and trouble-free maintenance. External steel window sills are made of high quality 0.7 mm thick steel sheet covered with a layer of zinc. The surface of the window sill is coated with multi-layer decorative polyester varnish and a protective ionising foil, which protects the varnish layer from contamination during installation. The state-of-the-art varnishes and protective coatings used in production mean that the sills require no maintenance. Maximum sill length 6mb Available in widths from 10cm to 40cm Possibility of making wider sills. Available in white and brown as standard.

Choose your sill colour:

Aluminium exterior window sills

Aluminium external window sills are characterised by high strength and resistance to weathering. However, thanks to their properties, they do not change shape and show high resistance to discolouration. All this makes them an ideal solution for outdoor applications. By choosing our product, you are guaranteed many years of trouble-free use.

Window sills are made of 1.2 mm thick aluminium sheet

Widths from 10cm to 40cm (wider widths possible)

Max length 300cm

Available colours :

- White

- Bronze

- Antique Copper

- Antique Gold

- Silver

Choice of RAL colour: