Interior window sills



Beautiful and natural WOOD SILLS made of solid wood glued from narrower elements to prevent deformation of the sills. Each order is treated individually with due care. Dimensions, thickening, narrowing and colouring of the WOOD SILLS are an individual matter. A wide range of colours emphasises the individuality of our products.

Standard thickness of WOOD SILLS approx. 30 mm

Available wood species:

  • pine
  • beech
  • oak




OAK-AS sills are an elegant alternative to stylish wooden sills. Made on the basis of double-sided veneered chipboard with natural oak veneer with the possibility of colouring in a wide range of colours. Thickness of the sill 26mm. For safety and a striking appearance, all surfaces are veneered.

Maximum length in one piece 2.75 mb
Maximum width 1.40 mb

Standard colours:

  • oak nature
  • golden oak
  • oak rustic
  • swamp oak
  • walnut
  • mahogany
  • meranti


POLIWOOD window sills are made on the basis of 25 mm thick MDF board. The top layer is a multi-layer foil based on semi-hard PVC. Interior windowsills are made of MDF board from a renowned manufacturer. The technological production process ensures high durability and strength. Vacuum application of the laminate at a high temperature allows for optimal consistency with the board, which affects its durability and aesthetic and uniform appearance. Laminates from world-renowned manufacturers are used in the production process, which guarantees a long and trouble-free service life.

Maximum length - 3.20 mb
Maximum width - 0.80 mb
POLIWOOD window sills are available in many colour designs including. :

  • golden oak
  • beech
  • calvados
  • vanilla
  • walnut
  • dark oak (new) renolit 2052089

Interior conglomerate window sills


Conglomerate window sills are an excellent price alternative to granite and marble window sills. Very often used as internal window sills. They perfectly fulfil their role in internal conditions.

Conglomerate is a material formed from a combination of natural stone and resin. Our offer includes sills in various colours in any shape and size. The standard finish of a sill is rounded sides and 2 mm chamfers. You have a choice of 2 cm or 3 cm sills. The maximum sill length is 304 cm.

Conglomerates can have discolourations, shades characteristic of stone, creating each product unique.

PVC window sills


Window sills made of PVC are an alternative to those made of MDF or conglomerate. They are characterised by resistance to moisture and lightness, making them easy to install. The surface of the sills is smooth, which makes them easy to care for and prevents their permanent staining. They are available in several colour versions.PVC has been used for the production of window sills for many years. It is a moisture and temperature resistant material. The chambered cross-section of the sill makes the structure more rigid and guarantees the stability of the sill.

The window sills are coated with a high-quality film, which increases their resistance to scratches and sunlight. The veneer is smooth, which makes them easy to care for and prevents them from becoming permanently dirty.

The standard line of PVC window sills is characterised by classic simplicity, making the product ideal for both modern, austere interiors and rooms with a large number of dominant details.

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