Premislide 76

Premislide 76

Premislide 76

Window and door system PremiSlide 76 MD giving designers the opportunity to create both small as well as large structuresInnovative mechanism The locking mechanism is undoubtedly easy i intuitive in operation, and the modern and slim profile design ensures maximum natural light in the room. This is the PSK system

The intelligent design of the system allows the warmest package to be placed 3-glazed with a parameter of 0.5 Ug. With its large glazing areas, it undoubtedly provides a high solar energy recoveryand at the same time guarantees a unique protection before noise and burglaries.

System for offset-sliding windows and patio doors PremiSlide 76 MD Thanks to their innovative design, they not only do not restrict the home but, on the contrary, add to it. spaciousness i functionalitiesRobust, nmodern The hardware will certainly ensure smooth and safe operation, and the sash control itself is intuitive and does not require the use of excessive force.

The offset function of the sash offers the possibility of gap ventilation, while preventing the entire room from cooling down.


  • Saving space
  • Large glazed area
  • Convenient and intuitive operation
  • High tightness
  • Effective and efficient ventilation
  • Reliable quality
  • Modern design
  • PremiSlide 76 MD is an innovative sliding system with a construction depth of 158 mm
  • Based on the KÖMMERLING 76 system
  • Uf heat transfer coefficient up to 1.3 W (m²K) as standard
  • Triple glazing with a maximum glass thickness of 50 mm
  • Robust technology, "ECO SLIDE" fitting system
  • Effective ventilation
  • Easy and convenient operation

Also available in versions with aluminium cap

Premislide 76 Aluclip

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