Kömmerling 76 MD

Kommerling 76 MD

Kommerling 76 MD

Your window to the future!

Kömmerling 76 MD is a modern and best-in-class PVC window and door system. The highest quality, measurable savings on energy costs, optimum noise protection, reliable protection against burglary and a variety of possibilities for the shaping of the external surface prove the system's superiority. Deciding on windows in the system Kömmerling 76 MD you are making the right decision, increasing your quality of life.

6-chambered windows that will provide you with excellent thermal insulation!

Windows in the system Kömmerling 76 MD is undoubtedly a choice without compromise. Characterise

They have all the parameters of a modern window of the future. From the point of view of geometrical shape via functionality, statics and the thermal and acoustic insulation factor to environmental protection. The system meets not only the requirements of the present, but above all those of the future.

Innovative system design Kömmerling 76 MD allows modern triple glazing packets with a thickness of up to 50 mm and a variety of function glasses to be fitted in the window. Thanks to intelligent fastening techniques, professional installation is carried out quickly, efficiently and without great effort. Replacement of old windows with new state-of-the-art windows in the system Kömmerling 76 MD is therefore pure pleasure. Undoubtedly high savings on energy costs - the new 76 mm system with a rebate seal with the highest thermal insulation values - Uw value for the reference window up to 0.73 W / (m²K).

Kömmerling 76 MD

  • Improved quality of life with perfect sound insulation of up to 48 dB.
  • Greater security - possibility of using integrated anti-burglary systems (curtain systems); burglary protection class RC2 or RC3.
  • Weldable PCE gaskets or EPDM gaskets in light grey or black.
  • Simple and professional installation thanks to a wide range of additional profiles.
  • The profile includes 3 seals outer, central and middle sections, which provide excellent insulation against cold, moisture and noise
  • Possible use of 16-50 mm glazing package.
  • Large structures possible thanks to professionally selected steel
  • 6 thermal chambersthat provide you with ideal thermal insulation
  • Reinforced ROTO NX hardware holding the weight of the sash up to 150 kg
  • An installation depth of 76 mm which will provide you with excellent thermal insulation of 0.73 W / (m²K).
  • Plastic profile manufactured from material with lead-free calcium and zinc-based stabilisers.
  • High operating comfort and exceptional functionality thanks to modern technology.
  • The optimally positioned steel reinforcements in the frame and leaf profiles undoubtedly ensure perfect statics.
  • AluClip or AluClip Pro aluminium caps can be used.
  • Modern and elegant V-perfect seal
  • Insulation gussets in the frame and leaf profile to further increase thermal insulation
  • Long life of the window.
  • Plastic profile manufactured from material with lead-free calcium and zinc-based stabilisers.
  • Perfectly positioned steel reinforcements in the frame and leaf profiles for perfect statics
  • No doubt Modern Design

Product options

Personalise Kömmerling 76 MD  by means of the following options

Hidden hinges

For good looks, details count, concealed hinges are undoubtedly the best finish.

Concealed drainage

No more plastic caps, enjoy a clean design at last.


 In this way, safety can go hand in hand with beauty.

Glass corner

A combination of two glass panes, without obscuring the view.

Choose your window colour:


Also available with aluminium cap


Kömmerling 76 MD AluClip and AluClip Pro

See how windows in the 76 MD system look

  • System 76MD

Technical drawing

Kömmerling 76 MD 6-chamber windows

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