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GM PLAST windows

Windows are a key part of your home's thermal and acoustic insulation, but also its level of security and aesthetics. Whether for new construction or renovation. Therefore, they should be of the best quality.

GM PLAST doors

The entrance doors we produce range from the most conventional to the most personalised, always maintaining the highest standard of quality.

Terrace systems GM PLAST
Terrace systems

What distinguishes our sliding doors and windows is the fact that they have sound insulation of 45 db, making external sounds practically inaudible. They also have excellent thermal insulation values.

GM PLAST roller blind

Roller shutters are designed to protect you from the sun's rays, burglary and noise. Fitting them can reduce your electricity bills as they provide extra protection against heat loss.

GM PLAST facade blinds
Facade shutters

Façade blinds are extremely practical sun screens that effectively protect interiors from excessive heat while providing adequate visual comfort.

GM PLAST Pergola

The pergola is a very versatile solution, created to cover large areas. It is certainly a stylish addition that fits in perfectly with modern building trends.

Garage doors
Garage doors

Gates from the GM PLAST offer are functional, solid, safe and solutions matching the appearance to the façade. Garage doors are often one of the key elements of the entire façade.

Window installation Police

At GM PLAST, we realise that installation plays an important role. Therefore, you can order windows with installation from us, which is carried out by experienced specialists with up to 30 years of experience!

GM PLAST mosquito net
Mosquito nets

A mosquito net is the ideal solution to your insect problems. Mosquito nets provide security even when the windows are open ajar.

GM PLAST window sill

The window sills available in the GM PLAST range are made from very high quality materials. They are available in a wide range of colours. They are characterised by high stability and resistance to damage.