Wooden windows

Wooden windows

Wooden windows

GM PLAST and our wooden windows are undoubtedly the perfect choice for anyone who wants an elegant, high-quality window that will last for years. Our windows are made from durable, high quality materials that are designed to be resistant to all weather conditions and provide years of trouble-free service. The unique construction of the GM PLAST timber window provides above average strength and stability, and the high rigidity and durability means that your window will look and function great for many years to come. The windows are easy to repair in the event of damage and defects. They are available in many unique and unmistakable wood designs . They insulate well and protect against cold and noise. Timber windows Szczecin made to measure. Modern wooden windows are undoubtedly distinguished by their interesting design and comfort. They are also durable and solid, so it is worth installing them in our houses and flats.

Example colours of wooden windows::

The profiles of today's windows are created by gluing together three or four layers of wood with an alternating grain pattern. Profiles constructed in this way are undoubtedly resistant to warping, i.e. they do not warp under the influence of changes in ambient humidity. Importantly, natural defects in the wood, such as knots or resin blisters, are removed during production, so that the windows are not only naturally beautiful, but will serve us for many years.

Our windows are manufactured from pine, oak, larch and exotic mahogany wood - meranti. The production technology of wood profiles requires very carefully prepared raw material, which must be well dried. The complete automation of this stage is a guarantee of proper progress. Gluing the scantlings together eliminates the problem of later warping of the profiles. On the other hand, the impregnation process and the application of a varnish finish coating give our windows durability.

Our wooden windows:

Euroline 68 mm

Euroline 78 mm

Euroline 88 mm

Euroline 92 mm


68 mm

78 mm

Our wooden windows are characterised by:

  • Aesthetic and elegant design
  • High rigidity and stability
  •  Durability Our timber windows are the choice for years to come.
  • wide selection of wood species
  •  easy to repair in case of damage and defects
  • Easy to care for and maintain
  •  Decorative to match any interior
  •  Plasticity
  • Unique wood pattern
  • Functionality
  • Can be painted in any colour
  •  a large selection of designs and models and even the possibility to make them according to your own design
  •  Insulate well and protect against cold and noise
  • We can make them in many different shapes, formats, with ornaments, burglar-proof or acoustic glazing.
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Wooden windows Police

Wooden windows


Wooden windows Police

Wooden windows

Wooden windows Szczecin

Wooden windows

GM PLAST Window and Door Factory is undoubtedly a renowned manufacturer of windows and doors. The company's products are known for their comfort, safety and modern design. PVC windows are some of the most popular products in the company's range. These windows are made from high quality materials and offer a very good price/quality ratio. The technology we have used in these windows is also top of the range, making them some of the warmest on the market. We are a window manufacturer with over 25 years of experience.

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