Which window colour should I choose?

Have you decided to replace the windows and doors in your home? One of the most important decisions you will have to make will be choosing the right profile colour. These days, the options are legion, from the most subdued colours to the most daring. It's logical, therefore, that you can't make a decision in the blink of an eye. Choosing the colour of your door and window profiles depends primarily on the style of your home. Do you want to choose a timeless colour that will never lose its charm? Opt for grey doors and windows! Colours that are too bright (red, electric blue), on the other hand, are not recommended for very modern houses. They are much more suited to old houses or houses typical of certain regions.

Which colour do you choose Brown, anthracite or black windows - the current trend. Browns (chocolate or wood) will give your home a Scandinavian touch: they will go well with snow-white walls. Anthracite or black windows will suit the industrial style more. These two colours can be combined with many facades: light grey, broken white, plaster.

Grey doors and windows, a timeless classic

For years, the choice of colours for door and window profiles was limited to grey. Today, the palettes available are much wider, but many owners still opt for this colour. Why? Because grey suits all architectural styles and matches all façade colours. Moreover, it exudes an undeniable elegance. Light colours will make you stand out more, but they fade more quickly and are less neutral.

One grey is not another

By opting for grey doors and windows, you are not necessarily limiting the options available to you. You still have to choose a particular shade of grey that you like. In our colour collection, you'll find plenty of different shades of grey, from the lightest to the darkest. What do you think of our shades of silky grey, stone grey, quartz grey and anthracite grey? Are you not enchanted? You will also find road grey, concrete grey and cement grey in our collection!

The most popular window colours 2023

 Cnil, anthracite, brown, white and shades of grey

PVC or aluminium

If you have new doors and windows in your home, you will have a choice between PVC or aluminium profiles. Each material has its own style and characteristics, of course, but the shades of grey on offer also vary.
Deciding on aluminium profiles Reynaers you will have the choice between doors and windows with a full-colour (uni-colour) or two-colour full lacquer (bi-colour) finish, but you will also have the guarantee that the colour of your profiles will not deteriorate, because the aluminium we use for our windows is a type of aluminium that is much more UV-resistant than others. In addition, the shades Kommerling of GM PLAST are certified as Super Durable Polyesters Qualicoat Class 2, which means that each has passed the Florida test for colour fading and UV resistance lightning fast!

However, PVC also offers many possibilities in terms of colour. In addition to lacquered finishes, you can opt for PVC sections coated with textured acrylic films (grey cedar, aluminium, grey agate wood, etc.) or coloured in the mass (light grey, signal).
Need help choosing the right shade of grey?

Two-tone for your windows

A very colourful window - red, for example - can be very beautiful on the outside, but clash with the interior design. What to do in this case? Choose a two-coloured window! You will be able to distinguish the exterior from the interior and satisfy all your desires.


You can find the current colour palette for our windows and doors here: