Price list PVC windows 2024

PVC window price list 2023

Cennik okien PCV 2024

You want to equip your home with new joinery? Wondering how much they cost PVC windows? The choice of material will depend on several criteria, including budget. At GM PLAST Price K windowsömmerling 76 double glazed plastic fix type (fixed/unopenable) with the following dimensions 1500×1500 is, after discount, approximately 620 PLN (price may vary depending on many factors) net. In order to properly estimate your window, see different prices uPVC windows, which vary according to the size and number of sashes, as well as accessories and fittings. The type of windows can also affect the price: we recommend choosing triple-glazed windows i warm frame to get the best thermal insulation. If you want to know price of your joinery, prepare the dimensions of your openings, specify whether the windows are to be openable or not and what glazing is to be used. Then send us your enquiry at or to obtain professional valuation.

 How much do they cost PVC windows w 2024 roku?

W 2024 cena standardowego plastikowego okna może się wahać od  650 do nawet 1350 zł

PVC is the most commonly used material for windows. Price PVC windows varies depending on the specifics of the window: size, colour, opening... 

Price list uPVC windows 2024

Double-glazed window Minimum price Average Maximum price
PVC fix window (fixed non-opening) PLN 339 PLN 586
PVC single-leaf window (RU) PLN 473 PLN 691
PVC double-hung window (RU) PLN 863 PLN 1031
PVC energy-saving window (RU) PLN 581 847 zł
PVC balcony window PLN 960 PLN 1211
PVC sliding HST window PLN 7331 PLN 9011
PVC PSK window PLN 5128 PLN 6431

Assumed dimensions 1000×1000 (balcony 2000×1000, hst and psk 2000×2000) heightxwidth

white windows


Window profile Kömmerling 76 AD except (HS Premidoor and energy-efficient window Kömmerling 88)

Minimum price is our price, Maximum price is the average price of other window manufacturers per profile Kömmerling 76 AD (Price may vary; this is an indicative price list and the prices quoted are net prices)

What window material will withstand the elements, look nice and require almost no maintenance? If you said wood or fibreglass, think again. In fact, the answer is PWC or polyvinyl chloride. PVC now trumps every other material in the window market and is worth billions of dollars in sales.

PVC windows with steel core and triple glazing can last you between 25 and 40 years. In comparison, aluminium windows last between 20 and 50 years, while the lifespan of wooden windows depends on the quality of their maintenance.

Why pvc windows are the most popular?

PVC windows account for 60% of the total market in terms of volume. The main reason? They are relatively cheap and offer very good properties and quality! PVC remains the cheapest material in the window category. And it offers the best value for money. Read more here Advantages of uPVC windows. or Which windows to choose?

GM PLAST offers several categories depending on the needs and purpose of the joinery, including among others energy-efficient windows. The cheapest models are usually small unopened white pvc windows.

Colour uPVC windowsand the price

The cheapest, of course, are the standard white PVC windows. However, there can be a difference in the choice of colour. It also depends on whether the window colour is to be double-sided or single-sided. This means, for example, that the outside will be anthracite and the inside white. The average difference between white windows and a single-sided colour is 15 % while a double-sided colour is around 35 %. If you would like to check our current colour palette you will find it here.

Window price and number of panes

If you are going to choose a triple-glazed package for your windows then you will have to reckon with an additional expenditure of around 100-200£ compared to double-glazed windows.

Assembly and transport price

At GM PLAST we carry out high quality warm tape mounting read more here. The cost of dismantling a window fluctuates within the range of 25-33 zł per mb. In addition to this, the processing and installation of a new window should be taken into account, in which case we will pay 70-80 zł per mb. Prices and installation of windows, as well as their transport, vary depending on the region. The size of the mounted window will also be important. It is also worth taking into account whether they are to be installed blinds overhead, as they can only be fitted before the windows are installed. When the windows are already installed but the building is not yet insulated, concealed roller shutters can be installed. However, when the building is insulated, façade roller shutters are installed.

The purchase of a window is undoubtedly one of the most important elements that will determine our comfort and safety. Price is not everything. It is worth paying attention to other parameters such as heat transfer coefficient, thermal and acoustic insulation.