Advantages of PVC windows

Advantages of PVC windows

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In our country and beyond, interest in PVC joinery continues to grow, and for good reason! Insulating, durable, customisable, easy to maintain, recyclable... and above all economical, PVC stands out as the right compromise between wood and aluminium. So what are the real advantages of this material? Why opt for PVC joinery?

PVC joinery: performance and durability

Above all, uPVC windows have intrinsic qualities appreciated by building professionals. Indeed, this type of joinery offers excellent and undeniable thermal and acoustic properties. Choosing PVC joinery is therefore a guarantee of good house insulation. Because unlike aluminium, PVC conducts heat or cold poorly and therefore provides very good thermal insulation properties. In addition to temperatures, PVC also acts as a barrier against outside noise. As a result, it is known for its very good acoustic properties!
In addition, the material has good strength, giving it two main advantages: robustness and durability. Two qualities that become valuable assets in the fight against bad weather and external aggressions such as saline environments, corrosion, shocks or abrasion. A uPVC window is therefore resistant to years, water and heat! It does not deform, is not afraid of UV rays and does not yellow. So many advantages, which explain why this material has been popular with consumers and architects for decades.

Space for personalisation!

As we have seen, PVC joinery has many technical advantages, but not only! The wide range of applications, both new build and refurbishment, as well as the numerous personalisation possibilities make it even more interesting.
With uPVC, you can imagine many opening solutions, whether in the context of new construction or renovation of the joinery. You can make all kinds of openings out of a made-to-measure uPVC window: configurations from 1 to 3 sashes, tilt and turn windows, fanlight windows, Rectangular or less classic in shape, small or large, uPVC joinery fulfils all whims!
And that's not all! Aesthetically, this material has not said its last word either! PVC allows for unlimited creativity! Colours, shapes... everything is imaginable. An invitation to express your own creativity, the PVC window therefore allows you to imagine more imaginative alternatives in addition to the standard classic offerings.
Because uPVC windows are not just white! Technical processes now make it possible to achieve a wide range of colours, either tinted or plated. Its profiles with modern lines are also getting thinner to let in as much natural light as possible. As a result, your home gains in aesthetics and living comfort. Not to mention the many options that allow you to really customise your joinery. Handles, tiles with small glued PVC or lacquered aluminium, integrated blinds, etc. A bespoke uPVC window allows you to indulge in all kinds of craziness to meet your expectations and improve the feel of your home.

Thermal properties and comfort of PVC openings

PVC windows are those that offer (along with timber windows) the best thermal insulation. They provide an average of 25% better insulation than aluminium windows of the same size.

Cost-effectiveness of PVC joinery

PVC windows are significantly cheaper than aluminium windows (minimum 30%).

PVC: an environmentally friendly material

Contrary to popular belief, PVC is the most environmentally friendly material. It requires little energy to extrude (2.5 times less energy than aluminium), insulates naturally, and is fully recyclable. We recover used PVC windows deposited by our partner customers in order to integrate them into our recycling circuits, thereby recovering this raw material, which becomes available again.

Resistance and maintenance of uPVC windows

Easy to maintain material
No more maintenance, painting or staining! UPVC joinery has another important advantage: it requires very little maintenance. If your window is dusty or stained, you can simply clean it with a damp sponge. It won't ask you for any more attention!

PVC waterproof holes

Welded PVC window assemblies guarantee excellent watertightness. An aluminium cavity, mechanically assembled (bolted or clamped) does not necessarily offer the same guarantees.

Silence thanks to PVC joinery

PVC windows, depending on the double glazing chosen, achieve very good soundproofing effects. Their acoustic performance is on average 1dB better than aluminium joinery.

Design and finesse of PVC profiles

After all, PVC windows have made huge strides in terms of profile cross-sections. A PVC sliding window now has profiles as thin as an aluminium sliding window. The sun and light inserts of a PVC sliding window are identical to those of an aluminium window.

As far as the choice of colours for PVC windows is concerned, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with

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