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GM PLAST Police and Szczecin

Manufacturer of uPVC windows Szczecin

Manufacturer of uPVC windows Szczecin


GM PLAST Window and Door Factory is undoubtedly one of the largest manufacturers of windows i doors PVC on profile Kömmerling in global markets. We offer over 25 years of experience and knowledge, providing Polish homes with the insulation and durability our customers demand.



Manufacturer PVC windows Police

Meticulous quality control - All our windows i doors PVCs are manufactured under continuous and rigorous quality control procedures. We maintain the highest quality standards at all stages of production, from incoming orders to final shipments. We test in accordance with stringent national and international requirements, ensuring compliance with the highest quality standards. All these processes are carried out using state-of-the-art automation and specialised technology, often from a centrally controlled computer system. The result? Windows i doors GM PLAST meets all the requirements of the different climates, lifestyles and industry standards of the many countries we supply to.

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Manufacturer uPVC windows Szczecin

GM PLAST is undoubtedly a certified manufacturer of windows i doors PVC for over 25 years on branded Kömmerling premium profile, which is world-famous and a symbol of high quality. Kömmerling are profiles with over 60 years of experience! The high quality of our services and products is also evidenced by the fact that we were the winner of the Consumer Award 2022 competition in the category Windows - Offer, measurement and installation. We were also awarded the Super Brand certificate in the same category.

GM PLAST Consumer Award

Consumer Award GM PLAST PVC Window Producer


Best construction brand GM PLAST

Best construction brand GM PLAST Window manufacturer Police


GM PLAST Super Brand

Super Brand GM PLAST Window manufacturer Szczecin


Renowned Manufacturer uPVC windows

Our windows i doors are 2-5 times more energy efficient and we have designed them to reduce your electricity bill by up to 50 %! You'll keep your home at the perfect temperature all year round, regardless of the season outside. Unlike double glazed timber windows, our products will not crack, warp, fade or rot over time, and unlike double glazed aluminium windows, our windows with PVC double glazing will have no condensation, moisture or frost inside the frames.

These problems lead to issues such as mould and bacteria in the home. Windows i doors PVC solves all the problems associated with wood and aluminium products and is the leading solution for windows i doors with high performance used in sustainable construction. Our PVC windows are UV-resistant and suitable for use anywhere. All our products are extremely durable and will last you a lifetime. Our Window and Door Factory has 25 years of valuable experience!

Benefits of choosing our uPVC windows

summer chill

Summer chill

Keep your home perfectly cool during these hot summer months without an air conditioner



Save on heating bills

Reduce the cost of your heating bills with our 7-chamber system with centre seal and 88 mm installation depth!



Feel safe

Our windows i doors use advanced, secure multiple locking systems to protect you and your family from unwanted intruders. As standard, our windows are fitted with three anti-theft points. We can increase the number if required.


warm in winter

Low temperatures are not a problem

Don't lose heat and feel comfortable on cold days with GM PLAST's highly thermally insulated windows and doors



You don't have to worry about anything

Windows i doors GM PLAST requires minimal maintenance and is extremely durable - it will not crack, fade, peel, rot or warp


ecological and energy-efficient

Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly

Our Windows are applicable to passive houses according to ift-Richtlinie WA-15/2 and are environmentally friendly and 100 % recyclable. Window profiles Kömmerling do not contain lead in their composition, which has been replaced by a high-performance zinc-calcium stabiliser


without noise

Forget the noise

Reduce unwanted noise by up to 80% with our wide range of double and triple glazing options and with perfect profile sound insulation of up to 48 dB.


No condensation

No evaporation or condensation

Our windows i doors PVC does not cause condensation, which means that mould and water do not accumulate on it


High-quality assembly

High-quality assembly

At GM PLAST, we realise that assembly plays an important role. Therefore, you can order from us windows including installation, which is handled by experienced professionals with up to 30 years of experience!


GM PLAST Factory of windows and doors of the highest quality

Top-quality uPVC windows and doors should be made from high-quality profile systems that are UV-resistant. The windows will stand the test of time and serve you for many years. We use the highest quality equipment available. We use the ROTO NX brand for the majority of our hardware and they are probably the number one choice in the world for high performance window and door parts and mechanisms. We are constantly looking for new technological solutions to improve the performance and functionality of our PVC window and door systems. This is why we only use the leading suppliers from profiles to hardware. Our suppliers are technological leaders who guarantee us the highest quality we expect. At GM PLAST we never compromise on quality, which is why we buy and use only the highest quality equipment available.


Our production

We undoubtedly have a staff of specialised professionals who have been continuously manufacturing uPVC windows for over 25 years. This guarantees you that they will be of the highest quality and you will be 100 % satisfied with them. We use the latest machinery and experienced specialists so that the products we offer are truly outstanding. Our individual approach to each customer and each project makes our customers trust us. This is evidenced by the many positive reviews we receive.


Window manufacturer Police

Window manufacturer Szczecin

GM PLAST is a manufacturer of uPVC windows which undoubtedly guarantees you the lowest price, without intermediaries.

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