Which windows to choose? What should you pay attention to before buying?

Which windows to choose? What should you pay attention to before buying?

Which windows to choose? What should you pay attention to before buying?

Which windows to choose? What should you pay attention to before buying?

Which windows to choose? What should you pay attention to before buying?

Accordingly matched windows can swap ordinary home w real oasis, To of which z pleasure get returns. Issues visual it's however only beginning. At selection fittings windows please analyse some relevant factors, which decide o system usable premises, comfort flats and level costs Heating. Worth so well rethink this decision, to voluntary purchase popular model not obscured prospects its uses w The future. What windows select To its home i on which criteria return particular attention? 

Which windows to choose for your home? The most important criteria

Before purchase windows please analyse highlights factors, which decide o including, or their installation will work w Your specific case.

Thermal insulation

Im better insulation, including less warm escapes z premises. Value this defines coefficient penetrations warm Uw windows. Im this value is smaller, including window is more energy-efficient. Models o coefficient Uw About 0,8 W/m2K or smaller e.g. Kommerling 88 MD called are windows passive i reduce demand energetic premises on heating. 

Sound insulation

This parameter in brief means suppression noise external. If home finds get at busy Street, worth equip go w windows o high insulation performance acoustic Rw. Values reported are w dB, im higher value including better protection before noise. According to z standard PN-B-02151-3 optimal level noise w premises it's 40 dB w day i 30 dB w nights. 

Burglary resistance

The RC resistance class contains 6 points, and the higher the grade, the better the burglary protection.

  • RC1 - use of small tools and physical force,
  • RC2 - use of simple tools (screwdriver, handsaw),
  • RC3 - use of a crowbar, drift or drill,
  • RC4 - use of heavy tools (hammer, axe, chisels),
  • RC5 - use of power tools (drills, jigsaws, handsaws, angle grinders),
  • RC6 - use of heavy-duty, high-powered power tools.

Additional parameters

When selecting windows, it is also worth considering additional parameters such as:

  • light transmission,
  • resistance to opening and closing,
  • mechanical strength,
  • wind load resistance,
  • Waterproof.

Which window material to choose?

One z highlights issues is selection materials, z of which made are windows. What are our possibilities?

Windows wooden it's ideal solution for enthusiasts classic elegance. It has high insulation thermal, high tightness i resistance on terms and conditions atmospheric. Additional asset is possibility performances on order windows wooden o any shaped. A plastic windows? About 12 years to this windows PVC associate get z modernity. Z sometimes solution it's stood get very popular, mainly from due to on relatively low price. But or worth invest on longer finish? O including we wrote w our article Windows wooden vs plastic - which choose? . There are better ways on broadcasting Your home modern appearance, such such as windows wooden or aluminium. Link classic product z longevity i still greater sustainability makes go more economic i friendly for environments.


Which windows to choose for your home - new and refurbished?

Many people wonder what the windows for new and renovated homes should be. Will the choice of material make a difference here?

Which windows for your new home

When choosing windows for your new home, you are only limited by your budget. We strongly recommend choosing solid wooden windows for buildings finished in the classic style, while durable timber-aluminium frames are ideal for the modern style.

Which windows for an old house

When buying windows for an old house, it is worth remembering to match the model to the character of the building. Here, we recommend wooden windows with frames in a neutral colour.

What window colour for a modern home?

Last important point To checks is selection colour finishes windows. Is modern homes are condemned on universal white? Not you can get more confusion, but white is always good solutions. Brown shade brings back on thought classics, but checks get also w modernist architecture. Application frames w colour black or graphite is ideal for These, who want enter simplicity To its Surroundings. For enthusiasts innovative i unusual solutions available are bold proposals, such such as subdued shades of reds i pomegranate. The only limitation is Your imagination. 

Which window company to buy?

Selection suppliers not should be accidental. We produce windows from 25 years i we know o with what we say, what confirm our satisfied customers. Our product has two main features:
durability i design. You are planning purchase windows, we can help Ci select best solution i dissipate Your doubts.