Types of window security - ensure your comfort and safety!

Types Security windows take care o its comfort i SAFETY!

Types of window security - ensure your comfort and safety!

Types of window security - ensure your comfort and safety!

Main task each windows is providing comfort i Security to persons residing at w building.
Key is not only selection modern, resistant on damages woodwork construction o excellent parameters, but also investment w additional safeguards.
Find out get o types Security windows.
Thanks to before avoid risks theft i you will be enjoy get many other benefits.
What security windows worth choose?
Here is best proposals, which will provide To you i Your close to calm sleep!

Burglar protection for windows

The basis of Security householders is specialist security windows before theft, which eliminates Risk before get To measure persons thirds.
Thanks to before thief not will be could use crowbar To knock-outs or undermine glazing, what effectively will increase Your security i secure valuable items before theft.
W GM PLAST we offer additional fittings z anti-theft strikers, w including unique double locking hooks.
W connection z extremely permanent frame aluminium, PVC or wooden, window will create impenetrable barrier.
Roller shutter

Roller shutter

External blinds

If you want secure get before theft, worth take care not only o security anti-theft its windows, but also o reliable blinds external.
Even solutions without layers anti-burglary available w offer GM PLAST significantly hinder breakout windows, providing including alone maximum security domestics.
They are also way on achievement full privacy, at the same time protecting before curious Views neighbours or passers-by.But it's not all.
Blinds external have many other advantages.
Investing w not you can count on:
saving energies i improvement of insulation thermal building blinds external protect in summer before excessive insolation, a in winter effectively stop heat inside;
protect window before unfavourable factors external, what extends them aesthetically i functionally; reduce noise coming z outside i including alone increase comfort householders.
W offer GM PLAST find get high quality blinds facade i blinds external - blinds concealed, surface-mounted i façade, which you can adapt To its needs at towards design i parameters.

Insulating glass units

Huge impact on functionality windows has also applied Glass.
At which worth stake?
W GM PLAST we offer glazing composite submitting get z two or greater numbers panels, separated by divider on all circumference.
Thanks to closed spaces completed gases precious and special coating emitting heat reach excellent properties.
Z one pages glass safe GM PLAST is significantly more durable i therefore maybe constitute element system anti-burglary.
Z second pages characterise get excellent insulation thermal i acoustic, what is best way on providing domestics Comfort.
Insulated glass safe characterises get also perfectly flat surface i high aesthetics.
Thanks to to this perfectly will fit get w each, even most elegant interior.
Push-button handle

Push-button handle

Handles with key or push button

Handles windows secured before children will be ideal solution for freshmen parents.
Refers to it's primarily all special keys i buttons, thanks to which the youngest householders not will be could independently open windows.
It's best way on avoidance of risks accidents.
W GM PLAST we offer very diverse range models handles, available w many versions colours, which thanks to its modern design will be aesthetically pleasing addition To each windows.

Opening sensors

Unique solution for These, who especially appreciate convenience i safety, are sensors openings windows, which provide full control over carpentry i carry from yourself many benefits.
Their reaction launches relevant configured z with them systems - alarm, heating or air conditioning.
W GM PLAST we offer simple, but extremely useful devices, reed switches can be them connect To:
system alarm, thanks to to whom notify o unwanted opening of windows, what will prevent theft;
system air conditioning, which allows on full control temperatures Surroundings, a including alone provides maximum Comfort;
thermostat heating, allows on significant savings energies, a what per including goes, reducing accounts.

GM PLAST - windows with increased safety class

Want enjoy get maximum comfort i calm sleep?
Invest w safe windows, to effectively reduce Risk theft.
Warmly recommended all attested windows anti-burglary (RC2 or RC3), which we offer at GM PLAST - even w case woodwork wooden or plastic.
Investing w no, gain full protection before theft.
You will invest also w safe, comfortable i extremely permanent windows, which remain beautiful i will be well act even after years intensive uses.
Want find out get more on topic Security system windows or consider investment w best solutions?
Contact get z GM PLAST!

Autumn stencils for windows 2023

Autumn stencils for windows 2023

Autumn stencils for windows 2023

Autumn stencils for windows 2023

Decorate your windows in autumn

With autumn and the increasingly shorter days, have you thought about decorating your windows? In this article you will find some ideas on how you can do this

Warm shades to bring colour back into your interior

To keep the warm atmosphere around windows, choose seasonal colours for your curtains, such as ochre, saffron, linen and even certain shades of red. Decorate the inside too sills your windows by placing elements that relate to autumn, such as a composition of dried flowers and colourful leaves. In addition, it can be a good idea to set up a cosy reading corner next to the window. A blanket, a cup of tea and a good book will then give you delightful pleasure. Finally, some markers allow you to decorate your windows temporarily. This can also be great fun for your children, who can use their talents and add some colour to your windows.

Windows Autumn 2023

Windows Autumn 2023

External window decoration for autumn 2023

For the exterior, it is better to choose weather-resistant elements. For example, hanging wreaths of pine branches and thorns yellowed in autumn on shutters, windows and doors will give your home an original and seasonal touch. You can also mount beautiful pumpkins under your windows. This is especially relevant for Halloween: don't hesitate to carve wonderfully scary masks out of them. You can even insert candles or other lighting into the pumpkins to highlight your artistic work. When November arrives, the pumpkins used for Halloween can be replaced by various other decorations, or simply eaten because the pumpkin is the queen of autumn cooking. In order to present the pumpkins in a dignified way, you can place them, for example, in a beautiful wooden box, an old wheelbarrow decorated for the occasion or even on a small garden table. Finally, install an outdoor lantern to illuminate the decorative elements after darkness falls and enjoy your achievements.

Curtains in autumn colours

Curtains in autumn colours

Curtains in autumn colours

First i simplest way on emphasis autumn atmospheres at interior is change curtains.
To select colours, search inspirations w nature:
Invite To interiors heather violet w various shades, add warm palette bile, oranges i burgundy known z parks alleys or decorate interior duly To pores year gold.
However, w many premises colours these may be somewhat too expressive, sharp contrasting e.g.
z dominant white walls.
W such case arranging autumn decorations windows worth place on safer shades of beige, which at the same time can add interior delicate Heat.
Good idea will be also white curtains z coloured model or w subtle blue colour matching To the rest decor.
A what if w at all not we want choose curtains?
Before gloomy days we can protect get also using blinds wooden, selecting models w appropriate tones To our interiors.
It's elegant solution, especially for These, who choose rustic style decoration.
Window decoration autumn 2023

Window decoration autumn 2023

Energy-efficient windows

Energy-efficient windows

Wondering how to retain heat energy, in your home or flat which will save you money on your bills? Fitting new windows is one solution that can help you improve your energy comfort, by better retaining heat in your home. You can then achieve significant energy savings... provided you choose your new windows carefully! GM PLAST can help you make the right choice.

Importance of windows in energy comfort - On average, the windows of a house are responsible for 10 to 15% of heat loss. This means that 10 to 15% of heat generated by heating (electric radiators, gas heaters, boiler, wood cooker, etc.) is lost, thus reducing energy comfort. The impact on the quality of windows means that heat loss from the home is significantly reduced. The challenge is the same as for other energy renovation work: improving the insulation of the house to reduce energy consumption, maintaining optimum warmth in the house or flat, while reducing gas or electricity bills.


It is worth knowing that
In the ranking of causes of heat loss, windows are ranked 4th, just behind the roof and attic (the first cause of heat loss in a dwelling) and walls and air leaks.
Our PVC windows have very good thermal insulation coefficients, which will allow you to reduce your energy costs by 10 to even 15 %. If you want to increase the thermal insulation coefficients more, we would then recommend the use of specially designed profiles, the so-called Passive House (Kommerling 88 MD) and triple glazing up to as much as 50 mm thick. The higher the level of glazing, the greater the promise of having a window with good thermal and energy insulation properties. If you want maximum energy comfort, it is better to choose a triple-glazed window model with an excellent thermal insulation coefficient

Our PVC window profiles and their thermal insulation values

  Kommerling 76 AD

  • High savings on energy costs - new 76 mm system with glazing gasket and highest thermal insulation values - Uw value for reference window up to 0.76 W / (m²K).

Kommerling 76 MD

  • High savings on energy costs - new 76 mm system with glazing gasket and highest thermal insulation values - Uw value for reference window up to 0.73 W / (m²K).

Kommerling 88 MD

  • Can be used for passive houses according to ift-Richtlinie WA-15/2 - Thermal insulation coefficient Uf=0.95 W/(m²K).
Don't wait, contact us now for a quote and our specialists will respond within 24 hours.

Mosquito netting why is it worth it?


mosquito net

Mosquito repellent solutions: why use bespoke mosquito nets?
It is common for people to leave their windows open all night to get a better night's sleep, but you should know that this often results in an invasion of mosquitoes and other insects in your rooms, especially in the bedrooms. In the face of such threats, mosquito repellent solutions are appropriate. But why should a custom-made mosquito net be preferred over other mosquito repellent solutions? Here is an article that discusses this topic in detail.


The mosquito net window solution When the temperature rises and starts to reach a certain level, it is difficult to sleep properly at home. A solution such as a bespoke mosquito net allows for a better supply of fresh air to sleep without the fear of mosquitoes or other such creatures invading.

Without a mosquito net, you will be exposed to mosquito attacks throughout the night, and a mosquito net protects you from all this and allows you to ventilate the interior of your home far more than any other device. Even during the day, a tailor-made mosquito net offers the same benefits. Just think about buying a made-to-measure mosquito net, made of light-transmitting material and colour. So you can let the daylight in without having to worry about anything.

Because a custom-made mosquito net is often held in place with lids, it is wind-resistant and cannot fly away in the event of strong winds under any circumstances. Therefore, you have every reason to use tailor-made mosquito nets.


First of all, choosing a made-to-measure mosquito net for your windows or patio doors ensures that the dimensions of the accessory match the dimensions of your openings. The risk with ordinary mosquito nets is that they may be too small or too large for your openings, and in either case their effectiveness is significantly reduced.

In addition to this, it is important to know that bespoke mosquito nets are very aesthetically pleasing when fitted to all openings in the house. They also provide the flexibility to decide on certain details, such as the action, the direction of winding or the attachment of the guides, in order to benefit from the individual use of the accessories. Not to mention that custom-made mosquito nets provide completely silent use and that you won't necessarily feel any change in your daily life because of them, if not for the better.

You should know that the canvas rises in the spring with a gentle docking above. This is ideal for nights when you need quiet to sleep. On top of that, bespoke mosquito nets are very easy to install and you can do it without any help. To choose the best model for you, it is best to consult the catalogue to see the specifics of each model.

Our mosquito nets

Advantages of PVC windows

Advantages of PVC windows

pvc window

In our country and beyond, interest in PVC joinery continues to grow, and for good reason! Insulating, durable, customisable, easy to maintain, recyclable... and above all economical, PVC stands out as the right compromise between wood and aluminium. So what are the real advantages of this material? Why opt for PVC joinery?

PVC joinery: performance and durability

Above all, uPVC windows have intrinsic qualities appreciated by building professionals. Indeed, this type of joinery offers excellent and undeniable thermal and acoustic properties. Choosing PVC joinery is therefore a guarantee of good house insulation. Because unlike aluminium, PVC conducts heat or cold poorly and therefore provides very good thermal insulation properties. In addition to temperatures, PVC also acts as a barrier against outside noise. As a result, it is known for its very good acoustic properties!
In addition, the material has good strength, giving it two main advantages: robustness and durability. Two qualities that become valuable assets in the fight against bad weather and external aggressions such as saline environments, corrosion, shocks or abrasion. A uPVC window is therefore resistant to years, water and heat! It does not deform, is not afraid of UV rays and does not yellow. So many advantages, which explain why this material has been popular with consumers and architects for decades.

Space for personalisation!

As we have seen, PVC joinery has many technical advantages, but not only! The wide range of applications, both new build and refurbishment, as well as the numerous personalisation possibilities make it even more interesting.
With uPVC, you can imagine many opening solutions, whether in the context of new construction or renovation of the joinery. You can make all kinds of openings out of a made-to-measure uPVC window: configurations from 1 to 3 sashes, tilt and turn windows, fanlight windows, Rectangular or less classic in shape, small or large, uPVC joinery fulfils all whims!
And that's not all! Aesthetically, this material has not said its last word either! PVC allows for unlimited creativity! Colours, shapes... everything is imaginable. An invitation to express your own creativity, the PVC window therefore allows you to imagine more imaginative alternatives in addition to the standard classic offerings.
Because uPVC windows are not just white! Technical processes now make it possible to achieve a wide range of colours, either tinted or plated. Its profiles with modern lines are also getting thinner to let in as much natural light as possible. As a result, your home gains in aesthetics and living comfort. Not to mention the many options that allow you to really customise your joinery. Handles, tiles with small glued PVC or lacquered aluminium, integrated blinds, etc. A bespoke uPVC window allows you to indulge in all kinds of craziness to meet your expectations and improve the feel of your home.

Thermal properties and comfort of PVC openings

PVC windows are those that offer (along with timber windows) the best thermal insulation. They provide an average of 25% better insulation than aluminium windows of the same size.

Cost-effectiveness of PVC joinery

PVC windows are significantly cheaper than aluminium windows (minimum 30%).

PVC: an environmentally friendly material

Contrary to popular belief, PVC is the most environmentally friendly material. It requires little energy to extrude (2.5 times less energy than aluminium), insulates naturally, and is fully recyclable. We recover used PVC windows deposited by our partner customers in order to integrate them into our recycling circuits, thereby recovering this raw material, which becomes available again.

Resistance and maintenance of uPVC windows

Easy to maintain material
No more maintenance, painting or staining! UPVC joinery has another important advantage: it requires very little maintenance. If your window is dusty or stained, you can simply clean it with a damp sponge. It won't ask you for any more attention!

PVC waterproof holes

Welded PVC window assemblies guarantee excellent watertightness. An aluminium cavity, mechanically assembled (bolted or clamped) does not necessarily offer the same guarantees.

Silence thanks to PVC joinery

PVC windows, depending on the double glazing chosen, achieve very good soundproofing effects. Their acoustic performance is on average 1dB better than aluminium joinery.

Design and finesse of PVC profiles

After all, PVC windows have made huge strides in terms of profile cross-sections. A PVC sliding window now has profiles as thin as an aluminium sliding window. The sun and light inserts of a PVC sliding window are identical to those of an aluminium window.

As far as the choice of colours for PVC windows is concerned, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with

with our palette

Have you already decided on PVC windows? Check out our systems here. WINDOWS |

We also recommend Acrylic profiles Kömmerling

Acrylic profiles Kommerling

Proven quality with a modern twist

KÖMMERLING AcrylColor acts as a protective shield for your window.
The special acrylic coating guarantees colourfastness and high resistance
for changeable weather conditions. Specially for you available in new

Acrylic colours

Features of acrylic profiles